Behind Riled Up

Hello! I’m Reiley: the recipe writer, I-Phone photographer, amateur food stylist, etc. for Riled Up Recipes. Together, Jordan (my fiancé), and I are the creative mind behind everything you see on this website and the Riled Up instagram. We love local restaurants and breweries, good food, and figuring out how to make the foods that we love.

The Goal

So why did I start the blog?

Far too often, the recipes I see floating around online say to use too little seasoning, inauthentic ingredients, and even the wrong cookware to use. Too many people are telling the world how to make sad, bland food. I’m over it.

As I’ve learned about cooking and gotten more comfortable in the kitchen, I’ve stopped following recipes and started to change them, develop my own, and even make completely improvised meals with no recipe. Why? Because it tastes better.

My goal here is to bring a breath of creativity back to the home kitchen by showing you how fresh, flavorful, and fun your meals can really be. I’ll give you recipes, but what I really want to do is to help you understand cooking so you can modify these recipes or make up your own based on your own taste.

The Name

You might be wondering where we got the idea for the name (or you might not be…).

The term “Riled Up” is one I heard often in my early college years. It was a term often used to describe yours truly when I was particularly excited, crushing it in beer pong, or doing something embarrassing at a party.

At the ripe old age of 23, my partying days are far behind me, but I still like to get riled up in the kitchen: dancing, cooking, taking risks, trying new flavors, and just enjoying the experience.

That riled up spirit is the reason I have these recipes to share. I truly have fun in my kitchen and hope that this website will encourage you to do the same!

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